The Bar represents the interests of creditors and debtors in large-scale and complex debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings.

The bankruptcy procedure appears to be a difficult stage for the beneficiaries to preserve their assets from the claims of third parties. On the other hand, bankruptcy is one of the last chances for creditors to recover what they have lost.

We advise on debt restructuring, legal aspects of crisis management, financing and reorganization.

As part of the provision of services for this practice, the Bar carries out the following range of actions:

■ preparing of a targeted corporate scheme for restructuring companies;
■ formation of a restructuring plan / schedule, justification of proposed solutions;
■ creation of a new corporate structure, optimization of the corporate governance system;
■ support of the transfer of assets and liabilities of the company to a new structure;
■ collection and analysis of information on the financial condition of the debtor company;
■ development of a business restructuring strategy using bankruptcy procedures;
■ analysis of claims of other creditors and preparation of objections to them;
■ representing the interests of a creditor or a debtor during meetings of creditors, creditors' committee;
■ preparation of a draft analysis of the financial condition of the debtor, an opinion
about the absence (presence) of signs of deliberate bankruptcy;
■ legal support for the activities of the insolvency practitioner;
■ challenging the debtor's transactions in a bankruptcy case;
■ representing the interests of the parties in disputes on bringing to responsibility the persons controlling the debtor.
Bar Association
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