The Bar helps in resolving family and inheritance disputes. An important part of this category of disputes is the timely recourse to lawyers, since there is always a chance to solve the conflict before going to court.

Family disputes have several special features when there are minor children between spouses. The situation of divorce in the family causes great harm to the mental health of children.

It is not possible that parents become strangers to him if the children themselves do not want this – a peaceful settlement remains our main priority.

We provide assistance in the conduct of inheritance cases in Russia, tracing the assets of the testator abroad and substantiating the right of the heir to the property.

As part of the provision of legal assistance in family and inheritance disputes, the Bar provides the following services:

■ drawing up and representing interests when concluding a marriage contract;
■ preparation of agreements on the division of spouses' property;
■ protection of rights and interests of the spouse in connection with divorce;
■ representing interests in disputes regarding the determination of the place of residence of children,
determining the procedure for communicating with the child and collecting alimony;
■ inheritance planning and legal advice on inheritance law;
■ representation in court in all inheritance cases;
■ assistance in the registration of inheritance in foreign countries;
■ participation in negotiations and application of mediation procedures.

When providing legal assistance in the discussed category of disputes, special attention is paid to increased standards of attorney secrecy and confidentiality of the information received.
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