Law enforcement agencies daily bring to criminal responsibility persons for actions that are not unlawful under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Often occurs that the prosecutor's office insists on a guilty verdict against a person despite the fact that there is simply no evidence of guilt.

Law enforcement bodies systematically attempt to exert indirect pressure on a person in order to obtain witness testimony from him. And this is the most important moment to find a lawyer, because at this very stage (when the government has for the first time shown its interest) the situation can be changed in favour of the client. Also this is a very important moment since a person who came to an interrogation may end up at the same day in custody.

The Bar's advocates carry out the following range of actions in criminal proceedings:

■ representation of interests of clients (suspects, accused, witnesses)
during pre-investigation checks and at the stage of investigation;
■ defense in courts of first, appeal, cassation and supervisory instances;
■ analysis of possible criminal law risks associated with ongoing (prepared) transactions
or certain events;
■ protection of rights and freedoms in jury trials;
■ appeal against judicial acts to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights).

The main specialization of the Bar in the practice of defense in criminal cases is economic and official crimes.
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